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Weight Loss Tips 3 or 3

Health and Weight Loss Tips

32. Skip the fat in which you sauté your vegetables. A few tablespoons of soups or broth, or even extra virgin olive oil, rather than margarine or butter can be delicious and are much better for the body.

33. In your Omelets, replace whole egg with egg whites, Egg Beaters, or half eggs and half tofu whipped well. Then add your favorite veggies.

34. Use tasty and different spreads on your sandwiches. Skip the Mayonnaise; reach for bean spread, hummus, tomato pesto, mustard, or even non or low fat organic cream cheese, which are also great snack dips.

35. Instead of Bread! Try sprouted grain tortillas that will transform your sandwich into a healthy wrap. Rice or popcorn cakes are great for open face sandwiches.

36. When having tacos try one of the following: Use crumbled tofu or tempeh, ground turkey or even soy taco meat available at most stores, instead of ground beef.

37. Stop deep Frying your food! Steam, broil, bake, or poach your foods, instead of frying. These are good ways to maintain excellent taste and nutrition while cutting out the junk.

38. Eating well begins at the store! Don’t shop for food when you are hungry, and buy only nutritious foods that are part of your nutrition plan. This will remove any temptation to eat junk, highly processed foods that are of little nutritional value when you are at home. If you don’t buy it, it isn’t in your house and you can’t eat it.


Always Consult Your Primary Healthcare Provider, Chiropractor and Pharmacist when starting or stopping any normal routine and or Medications or Supplements.

39. Choose plain fresh or slightly steamed vegetables, instead of vegetables in cheese, cream, or butter sauces.

40. Substitute skinless poultry, flank or round steak for fattier cuts of beef.

41. Always skim the fat off the top of homemade soups, gravies and sauces. The taste will be preserved without all that oil.

43. Compensate for lost flavor by adding herbs and spices. It will be more fun to cook and bake trying new tastes. If you are not used to it, start by smelling the herbs before you add them.

44. Take advantage of milk substitutes. Replace animal milk with soy, rice, almond or oat milks. These milks do not have caseine which promotes mucous production. They also do not contain hormone and antibiotic residues

45. Cook your vegetables as little as possible. This minimizes the destruction of vitamins, and enzymes - valuable components that aid in digestion. Better digestion leads to better absorption and less chance for fat deposition.

46. Clean and sweep your refrigerator and cupboards for forbidden foods. The old saying out of sight out of mind is true! If is not in your cupboard, you are less likely to have a craving for it late at night.

47. When baking, cut the oil or butter in half. Replace the fat with applesauce, bananas, water or juice.


Dr. Victoria M Tutak, D.C. Psy,D. (530) 615-4041

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